The exhibition brings together artists whose practices often withdraw from publicity to seclusive studios, practically hideaways, where a look into the past can establish inner dialogue and reintegrate the artist with the present. The routes of these searches diverge depending on geographical, political, economical and social realities, but the very fact of this searching unites them in a symbolic 'power nap', a short stop meant to replenish the strength to carry on. 


Seiran Khatlamadjian - solo exhibition, dedicated to the artist's 80th anniversary.

Seiran Khatlamadjian is well-known name in Armenia modern painting. Being the disciple of the renowned patriarch of Armenian Painting Martiros Sarian, the artist used to create his own language of an open-minded painter, dedicated to freedom of expression. The works he created will remain in Armenian modern art panorama as splendid examples, valuable achievements, and highest manifestation of Armenian abstract art and a new level of national painting.


Gor Gyurjyan - "97%" solo project.

The "97%" painting project is a decomposition of daily and special as comprehension, as well as a deed to make visible the seen as perception.

Opening on September 9 at 7 pm.


In English, the phrase “scratching the surface” means to just begin finding out about something; to initiate a brief investigation in order to discover things often concealed. As such, the implication is to deal with a matter in a superficial, external, or hasty way. To scratch the surface of a subject or a place, is to only discover or deal with a very small part of it.


Modern Art Museum invite you to Megerditch Tarakdjian, Armenian sculptor from Canada, solo exhibition. The opening will take place on August 3 at 5 pm in the Modern Art Museum.


On 20 of July at 5 pm, Yerevan Modern Art Museum invites you to the exhibition opening, which will present Macedonian artists Jovan Balov, Milan Andov and Atanas Botev project “Tremolo”.
Tremolo in the music terminology means trembling or quick repetition of the same tone.


“TIMELINE – Side Steps To Avoid A Disaster” is a site-specific installation, represented as a work in process. It combines new pieces and samples from 13 years of the artist’s creation. The meanings and symbols included in the framework of the exhibition will be extended into his speeches and discussions with the Armenian art community and a wider audience.

On June 14 at 5 pm in Yerevan Modern Art Museum will take place exhibition opening, dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the Museum. Also will take place presentation of the second volume of the "Modern Art Museum" album, where enlightened creation of the Armenian artists of 1980s.

06.06-11.06.2017, 5 pm

From the 6th up to the 11th of June in Modern Art Museum will take place the exhibition of sculptures and paintings by Albert Mkhitaryan.

Albert Mkhitaryan was born in Gyumri in 1954, where he attended the artistic school. In 1981 he has graduated from architectural department of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute. At the same time is started his creation activity in sculpture and painting.

20.05-04.06.2017, 4 pm

Zaven Sargsyan was born in Yerevan, in 1947. Graduated from Yerevan Polytechnical Institute. The founder and director of S. Parajanov Museum. As a photographer he got into print in 1974.

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